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Thank You Jesus
Review by 
Deon Unthank:
This is the second Stanleys CD that I have had to review. All I can say is that The Stanleys just keep on getting better and better. This is an excellent recording.
“What Would You Do” and “Born To Die” are two heart rending ballads that you can sit back and worship with.
“Now I Want To Thank Him” and “Take Me Down” are two songs with a strong country flavor to them, but performed with close harmony and great energy. “Now I Thank Him” has a really neat track.
“Raisin’ A Standard” along with “Tears” and “Thank You Jesus” slow the tempo down a bit, but the interpretation of these songs is fantastic. They are all three sang with great feeling and emotion.
There are two songs that really reached out and grabbed me. The message and the tune were both so commanding that I had to listen to both of them over a couple of times. “Heaven’s Gates or Hell’s Flames” and “Walkin” are cuts that could both do well on radio.
All the songs on this recording are original material, written by members of The Stanleys. I must say that the song writing is just as impressive as the singing.
New City Records Label

U.S.G.N.‘s Review by Sandi Duncan Clark
You’ll enjoy the Stanleys! Solid harmony on excellent songs are their offering on this recording. Much of the material is original. Some songs have a country flavor, while others are more traditional Gospel.
Music tracks and arrangements are most enjoyable. I enjoyed this group’s spirit.
Favorites are “Born To Die,” Walkin'” and “Take Me Down.”

Review by Jerry Tinkle of JT’s Christian Record Review

A brother, a sister, and two nieces comprise The Stanleys, a self-proclaimed Southern/country/bluegrass/whatever the SPIRIT leads gospel singing group based in East Texas. Their mission is to encourage the hopeless, lend a hand to the weak, to see the lost saved and to uplift the Name of Jesus. That’s what is said of them on their website. And it comes forth loud and strong in their music as well.
This traditional family group, who call Zavalla, Texas home, have been travelling and singing since 1970. Their tighter-than-a-drum signature harmonies can only be explained as awe-inspiring. Their dedication to their sound is evident in how much energy and vivaciousness comes through on each and every song they sing.
This is the fourth project by The Stanleys, but their first on New City Records. Mike Pillow engineered and mixed things for The Stanleys, while John Lanier and Randall Wilds produced it. All of the songs you hear on this project are original numbers, and I must say, the sounds you hear will simply blow you away! Let’s take a look inside.
Kenneth,Carolyn, Trish, and Ginger start things off in rousing fashion with “Walkin”, written by Ginger Stanley. This song sort of lays the foundation for this project as the lyrics Ginger writes relate to a time when she was growing up. Being a preacher’s kid back then, times were ‘tuff. Time was spent in big tent revivals, where it was hot and dusty. But the kids never seemed to mind, ’cause they were doing ‘The Lord’s Work’. And that made it rewarding. Today’s modernly-convenienced churches sometimes get caught up in a passiveness of faith. Ginger then asks in her song, ‘isn’t it time we got back to those old revival days?’ Then she leads the group in saying in song, ‘that’s where you’ll find me, that’s where I’ll be “Walkin'”. Great opener gang!
Trish Harvill steps up to the plate as writer on “What Would You Do”. This song asks the listener ‘what would you do if today was your last day?’ Deeply troubling at first, this song then proceeds to tell what on SHOULD do in response to that question.If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life, then this song is defintely gonna cause you to squirm. Where would you spend eternity if today WAS you last day? Would you ask for forgiveness, or would you still turn away from Him? For those of us who DO know Jesus, this song will impress upon you the importance of making sure everyone you know and come in contact with is ready to meet God face to face. Excellent song, Trish!
Another outstanding song written by Trish is next. “Born To Die” tells the story of Jesus, from birth to death to resurrection. Powerful, moving, inspiring. These words don’t begin to describe the strength in this song. The melodic line is supernal and the harmonies heavensent! If this song doesn’t move you , nothing will!
Melissa Machann and Carolyn Downey joined forces to write the next song. A jazzy little number that features some outstanding harmonica riffs by Randy Miller, this song is called “Now I Thank Him”. Carolyn uses her awesome alto voice to lead the group in raising the roof off the studio. With Ginger taking the high part, the results are such that one can’t get by without some toe-tapping or hand clapping.
“Raisin’ A Standard” is yet another power-laden ballad from the pen of Ginger Stanley. It should be the desire of every Christian to want to leave a legacy of sorts behind. To know that we have been effectual in leading at least one person to Christ, to have Him say, “well done” is something we all strive for as believers. We must all try to ‘raise up a standard’ before His throne. By doing so, we will have accomplished all that He has asked.
“Take Me Down” is a real campmeeting song. This rousing number features fine fingerwork of Michael Lee, some fancy fretting and some great harmonica hankerings from Randy Miller, and dynamic drumming from George Sandler. To say nothing about Mr. Pillow’s bodacious bass! The theme of the aforementioned song is for all listeners to go down to the river for some old-fashioned baptisms in the drink! Wonderful idea, I’d say!

“Tears” allows for some tremendous harmonies from the lady voices in the group. Trish leads the way as she sings about the word in the title. There are many ways to look at tears, but the way Trish puts it is a way I will forever look at tears from now on. Tears are not merely water, they are prayers rolling down your face. Wow!
“Oh, How He Flew” is probably the best song on this project. Ginger Stanley really outdid herself when she wrote this number. I, as well as Ginger, have at times taken thoughts of Heaven for granted. Never gave it much thought. Until I watched an eagle take flight from a nest. Althought my moment was while watching television, I remember watching the bird take flight to the upper atmosphere. And oh, how he flew! He soared on wings that seemed 7 feet wide. Up and up he went, till he was almost out of sight he was so high. And, as Ginger writes in her lyric, it brought to mind Heaven. How high up there it really is! How marvelous it must be to be able to soar among the clouds! How wonderful it must be to smell the crisp clean air in your nostrils! Oh, that’s how I picture Heaven! Like a soaring eagle, how we will fly!! Unlike the Spanish influence of the music, the song “Heaven’s Gates or Hell’s Flames” leaves little to the imagination. Poignant lyrics, said straight from the heart and shot from the hip, this song puts you directly in line for a fatal bullet. Unless you know Jesus as Lord and Savior, you are destined for Hell’s Flames. But, if you accept Him as Lord, you will be welcomed into Heaven’s Gates. The choice is up to you!
The title song closes things out. A bedtime prayer in song, “Thank You, Jesus” is a calm, soothing ballad that reflects on everything we’ve been given by Jesus. The air that we breathe, the life we live, the Word of Life we call the Bible, and all the blessings we receive on a daily basis. This song should be one that we sing each night before bed. Wow, what a powerful song! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Stanleys!
Until next time,
Decide today where you will be tomorrow. Will it be “Heaven’s Gates or Hell’s Flames?” It is my prayer that you will come to the right decision.
God bless!

We’d like to thank those who have reviewed our CD and say that we appreciate you very, very much.
I hope that anyone reading these review’s will visit the sites of those who have done the reviews.
Thanks and God bless,
The Stanleys

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