Tribute to John

John Downey

April 12, 1939 – July 5, 2003

John was the sound technician, bus driver, handy man and anything the Stanley’s needed for more than 20 years. He always supported us and went to every singing we had unless it was out of town and he had to work.
I can just see him at the back of the building smiling and encouraging us to do a good job. He loved to hear us sing and supported us in every way he could.
John, you are greatly missed but you have made Heaven a little more sweet by your presence there.
We’ll see you soon!!!!

This is the way everyone remembers John, smiling

I don’t really remember when this picture was taken but I think in the 80’s.

This was John’s favorite pastime when he was younger and he did it very well!!
Riding on the car is my brother Darwin holding the flag and Kenneth on the back.

Precision Enterprise, the workplace John spent many years at.

John spent many hours behind the wheel of the bus.

John working the sound board.

John doing what he did best (eating) LOL and Ken doing what he does best (kidding around).

John with our granddaughter Julian at her 10th birthday party.
He always called her Tooter Tooter pumpkin eater.

This is my favorite picture of me and John because it brings back happy memories. It was taken at Casa Ole where the Stanleys had their Christmas party, 2002.

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